Non-API version of the application

What is an API key?

A Google Maps API key is a personal code provided by Google to access Google Maps on this site. The API key is necessary if you want to use the feature required the data from Google Maps, for example, the auto-detect locations, delivery area restriction, etc...

To know how to get an API key for your store, please read this document.

What are the differences between the API and the non-API version?

1. In-store Pickup

In the non-API version, the app won't show the map on your store frontend.

Besides, when you don't have an API key, you can not access the Google Maps data, hence the Auto-detect location feature can not function in the non-API version and the search for the nearest locations feature as well.

2. Local Delivery

Similar to the pickup option, in the non-API version, the Auto-detect location feature also can not function. Not only the Auto-detect location feature but also the Max radius distance validation feature can not work if there is no Google Map API.

In the frontend, the local delivery option in the non-API version will look like:

While in the API version, the local delivery option will be like the screenshot below:

The non-API version will bring to you a more simple version of the app. And it will also save you an amount of money because you do have to pay for Google API Key.

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