Delivery restriction by zip code or radius

Currently, in the app, we have two options for you to choose when you want to limit your delivery option, which are by zip code or by radius. To use these features, you go to the Delivery Settings tab in the Settings section to choose the option that you want to use:

  1. Max radius distance restriction

This feature allows you to limit your delivery area. To use this feature, you have to enable the Google API in the General tab in the Settings section:

Then, you just need to enter the distance you allow to deliver. If customers address exceeding that distance, there will be no delivery service.

The frontend will look as follow: Addresses that are outside the delivery zone will be informed.

2. Delivery restriction by postal code

In case you want to limit the delivery option for certain postcodes, you can choose the Postal code option:

Then you go to the Location section, click edit your store location and choose the Delivery tab. There will be a box for you enter the postal code that you want to limit:

Note: After you make any changes in the app, remember to click on the Save and Publish to shop buttons.

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