In this part, there are 5 main fields:

1. Inventory

In this field, you can link the pickup option with your inventory. There are 2 options for you to select:

2. Zoom Level

This is the scale level of the map, which will be displayed in your store. You can set from 0 to 18 (The smaller the number, the smaller the map)

3. Search Box

When you enable the Search Box feature, the app will let your customers enter postcode or address to search for the nearest store to pickup.

4. Pagination

In case you have too many stores and you don't want to display them on a long list, then you can turn on this feature to divide them into pages to make it shorter. You can set the number of Locations per page, which will be shown on the app after you enable Pagination.

5. Time Format of Opening Hours

In this part, you can set the format of time you want to display. There are 2 types for you to choose: Military (24 hours) or Regular (12 hours AM & PM).

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