Delivery rates

There are two ways to apply the local delivery rates to your customer:

1. Create a pickup rate on your Shopify admin.

Please follow this video to create a pickup rate for your Shopify store:

However, in this way, the delivery rate will show even when your customers choose the other options such as Shipping or Pickup.

2. Use the Delivery Rate feature in the app

The feature requires that you have the Real-time carrier rate feature enabled on your Shopify account.

  • Free option: You can ask the Shopify support team to update your billing cycle to “Yearly” and the real-time feature will be activated for you with NO CHARGE.

  • $20/month option: You can ask Shopify support to add the Real-time carrier shipping feature for you. You will be charged $20/month for this.

  • Upgrade to Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus: You can change your Shopify plan to “Advance” or “Plus”, the Real-time carrier rate feature will be auto-updated to your shop.

Enable Delivery Rates to set the delivery fee condition at a certain price/weight range of the product. → Click + Add New Rate

For example: Set Free Delivery condition for customers who buy products from the price range $500.00 to $1000.00. → Click Save and Publish to Shop buttons.

On the website, a customer buys products with a total price of $797.50, which meets the Delivery rate condition above. So there will be Free Delivery.

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