Notifications emails send to admins

Besides the notification emails sent to customers, our app also provides notification emails to the admin after every order is made.

To edit this notification emails, you click edit location on the Location section and choose the Notification tab:

In this tab, you will see there are three main parts:

- Notification emails

- Pickup Notification Email Template

- Delivery Notification Email Template

1.Notification emails

Enter the email address of people who you want to receive the notification emails. You can set different receivers for different stores

2. Pickup Notification Email Template

After every customer's order, a notification mail will be sent to your email with the below Subject and Content. You are able to change the content the way you want.

3. Delivery Notification Email Template

Similar to pick up order notification mail, after a customer checks out a delivery order, a notification email will be sent to the admin with the below Subject and Content.

Don’t forget to Save Location and Publish to Shop after all customization.

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